Thursday, April 24, 2014

Am I Vintage?

Years ago, when eBay was relatively new, my sister bought this vintage table cloth with the idea it might be cool as the center of a quilt.  Thanks for a great idea.  It stewed in my head for a while, as quilts do sometimes, and I finally finished the binding this week.  It was pieced with, I think, a Moda line of fabric and the backing might be something different, but it goes well.  Does anyone else forget to keep track of the origins of the fabrics in their quilt?  It also has some Kona solid fabric in white... I toyed with some color but it made the tablecloth look small and the whole quilt off-balance.

I started with the center and some flying geese blocks... then worked my way out from there.

Bev Palm is an amazing quilter and did a beautiful job, as usual, on the long-arm quilting.  She works at Quilting in the Country which is a great stop if you are in Bozeman, Mt.

I pieced the binding with the scraps.  Since the table cloth is vintage... and then it sat for a while... is a quilt vintage due to the age of its parts, or when it was finished?  I did the piecing on it when I was in Montana getting chemo to kick cancer's but.  It is nice to see it is sunny and happy, maybe a reflection of how the treatment would go.  Charissa and Tim will love it.  I love sending the finished quilts off and imaging making someone's day.