Thursday, February 7, 2013

Too Something

Detail (Isn't the brown on white fabric fabulous?)
This quilt began with an obsession with the brown on white print that is the background.  I love love love that fabric.  I can't remember who designed it, but I remember it is interior design weight and was pricier than the rest of the fabric in the store... (Fairbanks, AK is where I found it).

Later I was home with my stash and this fabulous print... and trying to figure it out.  I added the bubbly black print... then used the colors of the bubbles to build the rest.  I like the quilt... but I expect quilt love when I'm done.  I don't know how to describe that, but these are the quilts I want to cuddle in on the couch and the prints just make me happy.  Then for the first time ever I had enough of a miscommunication with my fabulous longarm quilter... that the wrong fabric ended up on back.  I'm actually fine with what was used... because the top is just... meh.

Dark, fall/winter, dreary, cluttered looking.  I did not nail this by any stretch of the imagination.  I even saw it as I was making it but still didn't manage to avert this quilt pileup and now it is a finished meh quilt.  Sigh.
The wrong backing... but it kind of works.

Fine... but not what I had hoped.
It is nice... just not my happy palette that I would prefer to be around.  Where are the happy days of Red Light Green Light quilts that Kate is wrapped in?  Better luck next time.

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