Thursday, January 26, 2012


I can't find the #@****! cord for my camera so the pictures will have to wait until later.  I just finished the stripey quilt for Kim.  I used an idea from a Kaffe Fasset book (can't remember which one) but it basically was cutting striped fabric squares diagonally and sewing them back together into chevrons.  I did this with little squares that were made into 9 patch blocks and off-set them with larger squares.  Simple but a nice clean happy look for my good friend Kim.  I had some plaid fabric for her, but couldn't get into any sort of plaid mindset... still looking for inspiration there.  Any ideas for plaids?

I also took some of the scraps and made a bag for the Wii junk in the living room — quite an improvement over the cardboard box that was dong the job (though I should have made the bag a little larger, I didn't realize there was that much stuff for the Wii).  Favorite Wii game by far is Super Mario III.  It is hard to be in a bad mood with that happy music and the ability to leap about and keep using those continues when you mess up (also handy to play with someone that is there to pop your bubble).

Other uses for the scraps from Kim's quilt were... a gift for Betsy's birthday, a pen bag, and a wonky log cabin quilt using an idea from Block Party.  What a great book!  I would love to get involved in an on-line quilting bee.  Hmmm.  Speaking of the book I shipped off a box of not being used quilting books last week too.  I love quilting books but find I very very rarely actually follow a pattern.  I get loads of ideas from them... though the books with a bajillion line drawn block patterns are overwhelming.  I prefer pretty pictures of fabulous brave fabric combinations and patterns put to work.  Surprise me and I'm yours.  Any new favorites out there that I should check out?  Frankly the blogs have been feeding my brain lately... so many talented people generously sharing their time.

Lastly I tripped over my Farmer's Wife blocks and said oops.  They were sort of forgotten for a while.  I had seven blocks and sewed five more last weekend.  Pictures pictures pictures to follow.


  1. Naomi, I got the quilting books yesterday! Thank you so much! I spent a lot of time last night looking at them getting ideas. I have so many quilts I want to make. I am almost done with blocks for the Hawaiian quilt. I decided to make 90 blocks and put strips of fabric between rows. I am going to make it into a queen. I am not sure how I am going to "quilt" it on my little machine but I am sure I can figure something out. What is a quilting Bee? There are 3 of us in Toksook starting to quilt and I would be interested to learn more!

  2. To do a "Bee" we find 12 quilters total (beginners welcome) then everyone chooses a month of the year. When it is your month you send fabric to the other quilters and everyone makes your block choice that month. So... after a year everyone has the blocks for a quilt and had the fun of helping with everyone's quilts. The _Block Party_ book linked above was about a group of quilters that did just that.... and their quilts are beautiful.