Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Do you ever feel misplaced?
I seem to have seriously misplaced my cord that allows me to free my photos from my camera... searching.   Speaking of misplaced I was cleaning the fabric bins last weekend and found an entire quilt I had begun and set aside.  This isn't an unusual event, but the weird thing is I don't remember beginning the quilt.  It had fabrics I would use and I totally could tell where I was going but I really don't remember beginning it.  I must have been very stressed out and busy when I did it.  Perhaps in the move from Kipnuk?  Anyway I sewed it up already.

I think I'll call the quilt "Buffalo Jump."  It features a running buffalo print offset by random colored squares framed in red prints.  It is a rather dark quilt, being mostly rich browns and reds and dragged from my memory reading about buffalo jumps the jumps were described as "buckets of blood" since the processing of a large number of buffalo at once was not a very clean undertaking.  The reds in the quilt with the buffalo blocks reminded me of that.  "Buffalo Jump" sounds happier than "Bucket of Blood" too.  Maybe "Bucket of Blood" should be my next quilt... has to be modern and abstract... scary I am even thinking it.
Here is a very poor quality shot of a tiny piece of the quilt... searching for the link between my camera and my computer.  I don't think PhotoBooth does a good job.

Next project is a group of wall hanging quilts that the students are embroidering centers to for the upcoming Island League Basketball Tournament.  Paper-piecing to follow.  We had games in Newtok last weekend and we are almost into Wednesday and the teams are still here... it is officially too cold to have students travel though it is warm enough for a fire drill.  Brrrrrrrrr.

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