Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Island League Quilts

Aurora... one of the embroiderers.
 Newtok hosted the Island League Tournament this year (hosting duty rotates between sites).  As something a little different the students embroidered blocks and we made mini quilts as the trophies for the games.  It was fun to hear the students get into the embroidering job and the winners looked happy with their spoils.  Districts are this week and we are hopeful that the Newtok Jaegers can earn a seat in the state games this year.
Sportsmanship, Boys (We won this.)

Sportsmanship, Girls (Chefornak won this.)

 The initial plan had a somewhat complicated sort of Mariner's Compass extending from the central block... the pieces of that headache are still showing on the sportsmanship awards.  It was close to the tournament and the design was simplified to have them done in time.
3rd Place Boys (Chefornak won this.)

2nd Place Boys (We won this.)

2nd Place Girls (Toksook won this.)

1st place Boys (Toksook won this.)

1st place Girls (Chefornak won this.)


  1. I was looking at the quilts Toksook won! SO nice! What a cute idea!

  2. Thanks Beth, these pictures are a bit dark... so the color is off. Congrats to Chefornak who made it to state and especially the girls who took second!