Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wii Play With Scraps

the side... pinned with interfacing fabric between two layers
I like to play Super Mario Brothers III... I can finally run and with the help of my roommate we have finished the game (every level all the star coins...) and are about to do that again.  So there is this cardboard box in the living-room with all this Wii junk (me trying to find another game as awesome as Super Mario III) and I had just finished Kim's quilt.  There wasn't much fabric left over so I made a pen case to see if I could remember the one time I ever sewed a zipper... then I made a bag for the Wii stuff.  I have a pile of pictures but it is kind of hard to see my process... there is an inner wall (a loop of a wall sewed into the seam) to separate things and a pocket on the outside for remotes.  It is a bit too small, but it works and looks a lot better than the cardboard box.
my laughable planning process

inner pocket with side

base with outside

box that has to go

my bag

I should have made it a little bigger :)

pen/pencil case for Kim

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