Saturday, August 6, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

For some reason I have that guy from Frosty the Snowman who is always talking about being busy busy busy in my head.  Probably because vacation is rapidly closing in on being over.  Oh well, I am accomplishing things...  here is a view of my current digs.  It is so nice when people let you take over their house.

The Four Patch Posie quilt is almost done.  Tomorrow I'll finish the sashing and the top.  Now it is nine pieces plus the sashing on the edges that needs finished.  I don't think I'll put any borders on it... everything I tested didn't look right.  I'll think a little more on it tomorrow... but that looks like the way I'm leaning.
 I was at the Quilt Tree today for finishing class.  I actually started the house quilt in a finishing class... so it was nice to finish the top up in one.  It is ready to be sent off to my longarm quilting friend.  I am happy with the rick rack in the borders and the scrappy mix of fabric came out well.  Looking forward to seeing how the quilting is done, Bev will have fun with this one, I certainly did.

I like how the lights are on in some houses, but some people are either sleeping or not home.   Someone in the quilting class noted there is a monkey in the house above... I totally see it now.

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