Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Four Patch Posies and Judy Chicago

I have been zipping away at a Four Patch Posie quilt that I started in a class at Anchorage's The Quilt Tree.  I'll miss the second class since I am off to the village life on Monday... but that is another matter.  The quilt is basically a stack and whack that you only cut into squares (with four repeats of the fabric).

If you do choose to do one of these quilts use two little mirrors taped together on one side to preview the fabric.  One of the people in the class was very disappointed in her fabric once it was cut up... then what do you do with it?  The fabric I started with was Phillip Jacob's Miami Houseplants.  Below are some of the blocks without any other fabric involved.

 When I cut them, I liked them and as I sewed I was flash-backing to college and art history courses.  Don't they remind you of Judy Chicago's Dinner Party?  Well, though I consider myself a feminist, this wasn't the look I was going for.  Finally I picked the sashing fabric and got happy.  The sashing fabric has a lot of white that livens the quilt up and the blue emphasizes the blue blocks (which I like best)... then I found this grey with white boxes from the Sherbert Pips collection and my day was made.  It will work great for corner blocks.  I'll post my progress when I sew them together tomorrow.
I was way excited to see I have my first comment for this blog!  How exciting to see someone is out there... and I'm not just a crazy lady writing to myself.   Thank you!

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