Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dental Downer

I was at the dentist today and my mouth is feeling in the dumps.  So I didn't sew today, I plugged the iron in and that is all I did.  I did have banana ice cream at Cold Stone— that stuff is heavenly.  Sigh.

What I did accomplish was cutting some hexes out of freezer paper for a quilt in the future.  Here is a photo of a tote bag I made before I was blogging...  more when I am feeling better.
 I am looking forward to using it even when it is muddy out.  I learned how to make it at one of The Quilt Tree's classes.  Who knew that picnic tablecloth material would be printed with such fun patterns?  The class was "Christmas in July" and we did all sorts of projects.  The only problem was I wasn't interested in making another standard pillowcase out of fabric I would rather cut into little pieces and make into a quilt... so during that project I walked around and spent a caboodle of money on fabrics for my stash.  Be happy and go brush and floss your teeth.

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