Monday, August 1, 2011

Rick Rack Headache

Today I made some progress on the house quilt for my relatives.  Since I am making it up as I go everything is perfect.  No pattern to prove otherwise.  I needed a thin dark border and chose to do rick-rack (since it is on the eaves of the houses).  Only problem I forgot and sewed the borders on without it.  It really needed it in my opinion.. and that is the only opinion that matters when quilting.  So I spent the afternoon ripping seams and adding the rick-rack.  Now all I have left are the blocks for the top of the quilt (thinking snowballs) and it will be ready to send off to be quilted by my longarm friend.

In progress, resting on the railing...

After I got tired of that I did one of the Farmer's Wife blocks.. #5.  Love the dogs (yeah, everybody seems to being using Sherbert Pips but they are fresh, cute and original... there is a reason they are everywhere lately).  Off to the Smurf movie.  I never thought I would be saying that, but here I go.
--- Now that I'm back I just have to say Neil Patrick Harris cannot save every movie he's in... though I adore Dr. Horrible.


  1. love those dogs & your house quilt is incredible!

  2. Thanks, I'll post more about the house quilt soon.